Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) 

Target Audience: This course is designed for individuals who are pursuing a career in Alberta's private security industry. It may also serve as a useful refresher for experienced security professionals.

Length: Equivilant to 40 hours, Access for 90 Days anytime, anywhere

Completion: 80% min. passing grade (must write in-class government exam).

Accreditation: Alberta Justice and Solicitor General (SOLGEN) - SSIA Course Accreditation #: AT000156

Delivery: Online or Classroom 

Prerequisites: Canadian Language Benchmark Level 5 (click here for more information)

Course content:

The Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) Course consists of seven (7) specific Modules instructed in an ONLINE environment over a period of forty (40) hours.  The online course is professionally narrated by a certified instructor and includes a combination of videos, activities, exercises, learning journal and more. Participants must complete all modules and then a provincial exam at one of our Testing Facilities with 80% or above to receive provincial certification and apply for a Security License in Alberta.   Upon completion of the Online ABST Course, participants will have a working knowledge of the Security Industry and will be able to do the following:

  1. Describe the specific roles and responsibilities of a Security Professional.
  2. Explain Federal and Provincial Legislation and Regulations in relation to the work of a Security Professional
  3. List and describe the knowledge and skill sets required to perform Basic Security Patrol duties.
  4. Understand and apply a professional and effective style of communication in order to manage and control incidents.
  5. Demonstrate exceptional proficiencies and accuracy in note-taking and Security Report Writing.
  6. Understand and articulate the process of managing an Emergency Incident / Emergency Response
  7. Maintain personal and professional safety and well being while working as a Security Professional.

The outcome for this program is intended to instill course participants with knowledge and skill sets in the following areas:

  • Introduction to the Professional Security Industry.
  • The Canadian Legal System and Security Professionals.
  • Basic Security Procedures.
  • Communication for Security Professionals.
  • Documentation and Evidence.
  • Emergency Response Procedures for Security Professionals.
  • Health and Safety for Security Professionals

Take-Home Materials:
Alberta Basic Security Training Manual

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