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Online Course List


Accredited Basic Security Training:

Sting's Basic Security Training courses are the government approved training required for individuals who are planning to pursue a career in the private security industry in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan (coming soon for BC - Sting is accredited to teach BST in the classroom).

Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) 

Manitoba Security Guard Training Program (MSGTP)

Saskatchewan Basic Security Training (SBST)



Accredited Professional Investigator Training:

This course is designed for individuals who are pursuing a career in the Private Investigations Industry. Accredited for the province of Alberta for licensing, it has been deemed the equivalent in BC, Manitoba and Saskatchewan and we have had plenty of student's from these provinces use our version of the AIT to get their licenses in those provinces. 

Sting's online version of the Alberta Investigator Training (AIT) Course is an intensive Professional Investigator program designed to provide students with an excellent foundation for career success in the Professional Investigation field.

Alberta Professional Investigator Training (AIT)


Exam Prep:

Not confident you would pass the provincial exam?  Enroll now with the Exam Prep for Security Professionals in your province to help you prepare for the provincial exam.

Exam Prep for Security Professionals (AB)

Exam Prep for Security Professionals (BC)

Exam Prep for Security Professionals (MB)

Exam Prep Security Professionals (SK)

Exam Prep for Investigators



Other Accredited Training:

WHMIS Certification

Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods 



ProSec Training:

Individuals: Add to your resume any of our courses from our suite of Professional Security Training (Prosec). 

Security Companies: Keep the learning going! Continually adding new training for your staff will keep their heads in the industry and on top of their game. Sting's ProSec series are great for review, when you note some of your staff needs a refresher and for staff taking on new work sites. 


ProSec: An Introduction to Private Security (001)

ProSec: Customer Service (002)

ProSec: Patrol Tactics and Techniques (003)

ProSec: You and The Law (004)

ProSec: Notetaking & Report Writing (005)

ProSec: Access Control & Alarm Systems (006)

ProSec: Traffic Control for SPs (007)

ProSec: Fire Safety & Response Procedures (008)

ProSec: Bomb Threats (009)

ProSec: Labour Disputes (010)

ProSec: Workplace Safety for SPs (011)

ProSec: Tactical Communication (012)

ProSec: Emergency Response for SPs (013)



Classroom Training:

Sting has accredited trainers that are available to come to your facility to do your Basic Security Training for groups of 10 or more (preferred).

Sting also partners with many Security Companies and will post their available Basic Security classroom training on our schedule as well.

Accredited Security Training:


Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST)

Alberta Professional Investigator Training (AIT)


British Columbia:

Basic Security Training (BST)

Advanced Security Training (AST)


Sting's Other Specialized Training:

Nightclub Training

Personal Safety and Self Defense

Executive Protection Training

Security Supervisor Training

Mobile Officer Training

Loss Prevention Training


* Pricing for classroom courses is dependant on the instructor and location of training facility.

Sting provides specialized beginner, advanced, and customized training programs for individuals, retail businesses, corporate clients, hotels and bars, and other private security companies.  We develop customized programs in both web-based and face-to-face environments. Offsite training is available. 

All of the Sting instructors are Certified and Appointed Instructors and are accredited by the Alberta Government and the Justice Institute of BC. With over 50 years combined experience working with local and provincial law enforcement, private security agencies, private and public sector clients, our Instructors are the top subject matter experts in their respective fields. It is important to take training programs from qualified experts with real law enforcement and military experience. 

Our programs greatly exceed the minimum Canadian General Standards (CGSB) for training in North America.    


Please call:  1-888-713-2673 for more information.


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