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Alberta Basic Security Training

Alberta Security Training

It is imperative that Individuals and Private Security Corporations entering or returning to the Security Industry be provided the best opportunity to meet compliance and be afforded the ability to undertake professional, recognized and accredited, governmentally approved training to ensure the very best quality of service to their clients, employers and general public. This legislation has created a Provincial standard, improving accountability, enhancing professionalism and ensuring legislated professional standards for security training.
Individuals must complete Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) mandatory certication in order to apply for a security license in Alberta.  In addition, in order to be legally authorized to carry a baton, individuals must take a mandatory Use of Force / Baton Training program and a certified baton training course (not available online). The employee MUST be licensed to carry batons. Failure to adhere to this can result in criminal charges.

Alberta Basic Security Training

The Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) is available online and in a classroom environment. The online course is broken down into seven (7) modules that are professionally narrated combined with pretests, post test, exercises, images and video.  It is intended to instill course participants with knowledge and skill sets in the following areas:
  1. Introduction to the Professional Security Industry
  2. The Canadian Legal System and Security Professionals
  3. Basic Security Procedures
  4. Communication for Security Professionals
  5. Documentation and Evidence
  6. Emergency Response Procedures for Security Professionals
  7. Health and Safety for Security Professionals
This course is available ONLINE or in a classroom environment. Register Now

Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) Requirements for ONLINE Users

Individuals must complete the following steps in order to meet Alberta Basic Security Training ONLINE course requirements:
  • Register Now for Online Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST)
  • Log into the course with username and password (anytime, anywhere)
  • You have 90 Days to complete the course
  • Download course materials
  • View al seven (7) modules
  • Complete all individual exercises that form part of the course
  • Complete all seven (7) post tests and practice exam with 80% or above
  • Book and pass the provincial proctored exam at one of our Testing Facilities
When each individual enrolls and passes their online ABST test they receive a Certificate similar to the one below which comes in a full size format and as a wallet size ABST certificate. Both are available to be printed on completion of the test and can also be emailed as a .PDF version. Bring a copy of the certificate and provincial identification to the proctored exam.  Once you complete the provincial exam you will receive the Alberta Solicitor General Alberta Basic Security Training Certificate.  Submit a copy of this certificate with your security license application. 
Once the individual successfully completes the provincial exam with 80% or above, a Certificate of Completion will be mailed from the Government of Alberta office, Solicitor General and Public Security Division.  The exam date and test scores will be entered into's online system.  Individual security license number with expiry date, and other training records including offsite and online mandatory training (first aid, petroleum safety training, use of force training, company orientations, etc.) can also be entered and stored into the system. 

Refresher Training

Are you a currently licensed SECURITY PROFESSIONAL in the province of Alberta and wish to become certified in ABST? offers discounts to those who are currently possess a valid security license and wishing to take ABST ONLINE and/or our face-to face 2-day ABST Refresher course.  This enables current licensees to become certified and keep up-to-date with the changes in the security industry. 
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