Armed Robbery Training

2 hours

Online Course

$20 +GST

Prerequisite:                    18yrs +, English Fluency
Accreditation:                  2 Hour Program (online)

Instructor:                      Certified Instructor, Accredited by Sting Executive Group            
Completion:                    100% online, 100% passing grade

Certification:                   Accredited Completion (Certification) Sting Executive Group International, Inc.

Re-Certification:             Not required

Course content:

  •   Robbery & Theft
  •   Robbery Prevention Standards
  •   Robbery Basic Guidelines
  •   Firearms Identification


Upon completion of Sting’s Robbery Prevention course, participants will:

  1. Learn the difference between a robbery and a theft.
  2. Learn the legal definition of robbery and the various types of robberies that may exist
  3. Learn crime statistics and the profile of a robber
  4. Learn how to prevent a robbery by using Robbery Prevention Standards.
  5. Learn the three (3) phases of a robbery
    • How to prepare before
    • What to do during
    • What to do after the robbery
  6. Learn what to say to the police dispatcher.
  7. Learn how to report and make observations about incidents including firearms


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