Executive Protection Training 

Prerequisite: 19yrs +, English Fluency, Basic Security Training (BST or ABST)
Duration: Average 40 hours / 5 Days
Instructor: Certified Instructor (accredited by Sting Executive Group International)
Completion: 100% attendance, 75% min. passing grade at written exam
Certification: Accredited Completion (Certification) by TrainMyGuard.com
Re-certification: Every three (3) years
Course content:

If you are seriously considering becoming a Close Protection Specialist or Body Guard of any kind, then this course is an absolute necessity.  Pressure Points Control Tactics (PPCT) is a highly effective simple to use, even easier to learn, empty-handed combat system taught and personally developed for professionals in the Executive Protection Industry. 

Upon successful completion, you will have achieved the credits required to complete the basic CQB component of the Close Protection Specialist. This is not some fancy martial arts training or MMA sporting techniques; PPCT Basic and Advanced are designed for real life survival under real threat situations.

The outcome for this 40-hour program is intended to instill course participants with knowledge and skill sets in the following areas:

  • The Concept (Fast & Easy to Learn)
  • Objectives (7p's)
  • Self-offence never defence
  • Balance is everything (Basic & Advanced) 
  • Disarm Firearms (Advanced only)
  • Dealing with Edged weapons (Advanced only)
  • Body weaponry (Basic and Advanced)
  • Take Downs and Defence
  • Scenarios and dynamic situational response training (Basic & Advanced)
  • Basic Ground Fighting
  • Advanced Ground Fighting (Advanced Only)
  • How to fight wounded or injured (Advanced Only)


Take-Home Materials:
Executive Protection Manual
Executive Protection Course Outline


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