Personal Safety Training 

Prerequisite:14yrs +, English Fluency
Duration: Average 4 hours / half day
Instructor: Certified Instructor (accredited by Sting Executive Group International) 
Completion:100% attendance, 75% min. passing grade on practical and written exam
Certification:Accredited Completion (Certification) by
Re-certification:Every three (3) years
Course content:

While we teach prevention strategies as being the first line of defense, we also teach practical physical defenses that use gross motor skills, making them easy to learn and use while under the high stress conditions of an assault.

Proper special control and position is the essence to a safe conclusion to any violent encounter. The student will receive training in the areas of restraint, arm controls, wrist locks and a variety of deflection and redirection techniques that will allow them to safely defend themselves against larger and stronger attacker. Additionally, how to securely defend against multiple armed or unarmed assailants, using cutting edge, scientifically and tactically sound methods.

Sting can bring all the necessary equipment to provide self-defence training at your location at a time of your convenience. Alternatively, we can hold the class at our academy in Surrey, BC. Whether you want to hold a corporate self-defence class specifically for women keeping with their unique needs in mind, or a class for both men and women in which they can learn basic self-defence skills together in one group, we can tailor a lesson plan that suits your company's needs.

Participants should have comfortable clothes to move in and a pair of clean running shoes. Water bottles are also recommended. Each participant must sign our company's liability waiver before class.

The outcome for this 4-hour program is intended to instill course participants with knowledge and skill sets in the following areas:
  • Tactical communication, Awareness
  • Seven (7) very practical strikes for self-defense, each of which can be learned in under 3 minutes 
  • Fundamentals of the simple holds and escapes
  • Self-defense against attacks from the ground 
  • Personal safety and awareness tips in day-to-day situations 
  • How to perform verbal de-escalation
  • How to react to an attack
  • How items in your personal surroundings can be used as "weapons of opportunity"

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