At Sting, we hand select, personally train, and then deploy as needed, highly professional security guards to your business, with an informative, competent, and pro-active support team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Sting provides a full range of specialized security service.
We understand that each hotel or group has different security needs, according to its location, image and clientele. Our challenge is to value these differences and supply hotel security who not only suit your safety needs, but who can also blend into the unique style and atmosphere of the hotel. For more information, go to our Hotel Security page.
The office and corporate environment is one in which the security officer has a responsibility, not only to secure your premises and ensure health and safety standards are maintained for the benefit of all your employees, they also become the company’s face and first contact of your organization. For more information, go to our Corporate Security page.
Whatever the requirements of your business we will make sure that you are supplied with the most suitable security guards and products to suit your individual needs.  We provide both highly trained security professionals and/or plain-clothed loss prevention officers to protect assets, prevent loss and manage risk.    


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